University of Nebraska Medical Center

Senior Public Health Specialist – Emergency Preparedness

Deadline: 10/2/18

The City of Minneapolis is seeking a Senior Public Health Specialist in Emergency Preparedness, responsible for planning, evaluation, and execution of response and continuity of operations plans, selected grant and contract development, coordination of projects designed to address emergency response issues, and advocacy regarding health preparedness-related issues in appropriate forums.

Job Duties:

  • Develop and maintain systems for inventory and accountability of assets, including but not limited to grant-funded assets.
  • Develop and implement plans covering emergency operations across the department, including the Emergency Operations Plan, Continuity of Operations Plan, and associated Field Operations Guides.
  • Conduct program reviews and evaluations, corrective action planning and implement continuous improvement strategies.
  • Research and analyze emergency preparedness issues referred for study by department staff, City elected officials and external sources.
  • Work with key internal and external stakeholders in the planning process by using a whole community approach.
  • Develop and implement internal and external communication strategies to inform and engage elected officials, City staff, community partners and the general public in the work of the Health Department.
  • Serve as a health on-call officer with delegated authority, in rotation with other qualified personnel, using command-level judgment about the need for and scope of any department response to observed threats or hazards, determine and establish appropriate organizational coordination, including virtual or physical emergency operations center, activate resources from within and outside the City, direct execution of the response/coordination plan.
  • Lead, coordinate, evaluate, and improve all activities related to the public health preparedness program within the Health Department.
  • Represent the City of Minneapolis at various forums, public hearings, meetings, task forces, voting bodies, etc.
  • Provide supervisory oversight of interns and contractors as assigned within the EP team.
  • Lead and coordinate a department-wide, multi-year emergency preparedness education, training, testing, exercise program, and interpret and apply state and federal guidance to assure compliance.
  • Research, develop, write, and teach a competency-based training and education curriculum that supports all personnel who have a role in public health emergency preparedness.
  • Assess overall emergency preparedness against established metrics based on performance in assessments, federal reviews, exercises and incidents capturing lessons learned that lead to program improvement.
  • Participate in formulating plans, department policy, department incident management team organization structure, and staffing decisions.
  • Anticipate future disasters and take preventive and preparatory measures to build disaster-resistant and disaster-resilient communities.
  • Lead the creation of After-Action Reports from actual emergency situations and/or training exercises; document relevant lessons learned that could improve the quality and effectiveness of the Health Department’s emergency operations plan.
  • Maintain professional and collaborative relationships with elected officials, city staff from all departments, the public, officials from other governmental and industry groups, and emergency responders from multiple jurisdictions as a means of aligning resources and preparing them for emergency responses. Maintain strong partnerships with other local, state and federal agencies.
  • Support regional, state and national response and recovery efforts through mutual aid, incident management teams and similar regional, state or federal organizations and deploy with such organizations as warranted.


Required Qualifications:

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Public Health, Emergency Management, Public Administration, or a field appropriate to the area of specialization.

Experience: Three years of experience in the areas of health, public health, public administration, public safety, or emergency management.

Equivalency: An equivalent combination of related education and/or experience may be considered.


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