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SHPEP Program Manager

UNMC is seeking an SHPEP Program Manager. This position is responsible for designing, planning, managing, and evaluating the Summer Health Professions Education Program-Interprofessional Education (SHPEPIPE), and in assisting the Recruitment and Student Engagement unit in recruitment and student related activities.


Summer Health Professions Education Program Administration
Duties: 1. Manage the SHPEPIPE admissions process in coordination with the executive committee. (E)
2. Collaborate with SHPEPIPE faculty to provide students with course syllabi, including course contents and expected outcomes. (E)
3. Coordinate all written and verbal communication with SHPEPIPE applicants and participants. (E)
4. Develop and implement an educational training program for UNMC students serving as SHPEPIPE teaching and resident assistants.(E)
5. Supervise and coordinate hiring of Teaching and Resident Assistants. (E)
6. Plan and implement various activities for SHPEPIPE participants including social activities. (E)
7. In collaboration with the principle investigators and Executive Committee members, develop and implement SHPEPIPE program assessments and evaluations; create action plan in response to evaluation findings. (E)
8. Investigate and find resolution for all SHPEPIPE student issues and concerns. (E)
9. Coordinate with teaching and resident assistants to provide 24/7 supervision of SHPEPIPE students during the six week programs. (E)
10. Work cooperatively with the SHPEPIPE National Program Office, other SHPEPIPE sites and the Recruitment and Student Engagement Office in order to meet program objectives. (E)
11. Complete reports and develop presentations regarding SHPEPIPE. (E)
12. Plan and schedule executive committee meetings in conjunction with the Co-PIs. (E)
13. Assist in budgetary management for the program. (E)
14. Maintain ongoing database for program participants. (E)
15. Recruit a strong applicant pool for the program, including travel throughout the RWJF designated region for the purpose of recruitment. (E)
16. Serve as liaison with area community colleges for recruitment of scholars and programming. (E)
17. Coordinate with Student Health staff to manage immunization documentation for scholars. (E)
18. Coordinate with UNMC Public Relations as needed for recruitment and to maintain social media presence. (E)


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