University of Nebraska Medical Center

Performance Measurement Coordinator

Deadline: 12/7/17

NE DHHS is seeking a Performance Measurement Coordinator. This position supports the Division as the lead for performance measurement and quality improvement initiatives; and serves as the accreditation coordinator.

With administrative guidance, this position shall serve as the Performance Improvement Manager and will focus on organizational and program performance. This position serves as the primary lead for quality improvement and serves as the Accreditation Coordinator to help the Division of Public Health continue to meet national public health standards and measures. Collaborate with Division leadership and staff to design and implement a performance management system, conduct and support quality and process improvement projects and promote data driven decision making, planning and evaluation. Support local health departments to meet national public health standards and implement performance management, provide technical assistance around national standards including conducting community health assessments, developing community health improvement plans, collaborating with local partners, and implement evidence based programs and practices. This role also serves as the Division’s primary policy coordinator for organizational policies. This job includes the planning, organizing and coordination of complex initiatives with an outcome focused, results oriented structured framework. Duties include meeting facilitation, coordinating activities with internal and external partners, writing reports, maintaining performance dashboards and promoting collaborative relationships. Assist in the implementation of the strategic plan and state health assessment and improvement plan, Work with Division staff and local health departments to conduct quality improvement projects and provide technical assistance related to national public health standards including community health assessments, setting priorities, conducting evaluations, and implementing evidence-informed programs. Develop policies, prepare and monitor budgets, establish contracts, write grant applications, monitor grant activities, collect and analyze statistical data to inform program needs and to assess the effectiveness of services, activities and programs. Requires capacity for systems thinking as well as detail orientation for oversight of multiple complex initiatives simultaneously, and other duties as assigned.

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in a related field plus applicable experience. Master’s degree or above preferred.

PREFERRED: Bachelor’s degree in public health, business management, public administration, social services or other related field AND significant experience in organizational development activities like strategic planning, accreditation, performance management, change management, quality improvement and process improvement. Preference will be given to those holding a Master’s degree in public health, business or public administration, social sciences or related field with at least three years experience. Strong preference for experience with facilitation, certification in quality improvement and/or process improvement, as well as collaborative relationship building strengths. Experience with performance dashboards is preferred, and a minimum of two years with data management and analysis is preferred.

OTHER: Must have a valid driver’s license or the ability to provide independent authorized transportation.

KSA: This person must understand large systems, organizational dynamics and community planning processes in order to effectively lead organizational activities that support statewide efforts. This person must be able to promote a culture of learning and quality improvement, and lead strategies that improve organizational performance. Excellent oral and written communication skills and the ability to write and manage grants, Must have knowledge of national public health standards, community health assessments, strategic planning strategies, evaluation skills, quality and process improvement competencies and planning methods. Must have knowledge of techniques and principles of change management, business management principles and supporting effective relationships in order to achieve shared outcomes. Must have professional characteristics and skills that include being detail oriented, capacity to work independently, ability to manage multiple projects, critical thinking skills, coaching and consultation, facilitation and coalition building skills, problem solving skills, data interpretation. Minimum experience with basic computer applications.


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