University of Nebraska Medical Center

Epi Postdoc positions

The Channing Division of Network Medicine (CDNM), an epidemiology research unit within Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, is looking to recruit new postdoctoral fellows.

Currently, CDNM is especially looking for applicants interested in cancer, telomeres, genetic epidemiology, cardiovascular disease, metabolomics, and mental health.  Qualified applicants will have, or soon expect to finish, a PhD (or equivalent) in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Public Health, or a related discipline.

Please feel free to contact the following faculty with any questions (including a CV would be helpful):

Cancer / Telomeres / Genetic Epidemiology: Dr. Immaculata De Vivo (nhidv@channing.harvard.edu)


Mental Health: Dr. Olivia Okereke (Olivia.Okereke@mgh.harvard.edu)


Cardiovascular Disease / Metabolomics: Dr. Kathryn Rexrode (KREXRODE@bwh.harvard.edu)

CDNM is the home of the Nurses’ Health Studies, Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, and The Growing Up Today Study.  More information about the division is available at: