University of Nebraska Medical Center

Assistant Scientist at Center for Health Outcomes and Population Research

The Center for Health Outcomes and Population Research at Sanford Research is seeking an Assistant Research Scientist to lead the Center’s Evaluation Core. This position will be expected to lead evaluation projects in a wide array of public health areas, including maternal-child health, adolescent health, and family health. This includes (but is not limited to) assisting in grant development, conducting quantitative data analysis, and providing input on quality assurance to partners. In addition, this individual will be expected to support the evaluation of projects funded by internal faculty members of the Center. Finally, this individual will be in charge of promoting evaluation and methodology services of our Center, including creating a business plan, meeting with potential internal and external partners, and being the go-to person for evaluation requests. We expect that this person will lead a team of up to two Research Associates.


Background on the Center for Health Outcomes and Population Research:

The Center for Health Outcomes and Population Research (CHOPR) specializes in population, translational, and clinical research, as well as in the design and methodology surrounding such studies. Our faculty have a broad range of expertise, specializing in public health, medicine, psychology, pediatrics, epidemiology, nutrition, and biostatistics. A number of our research studies involve engagement and partnerships with American Indian communities and community-based organizations. As a center, we are committed to improving health through education and research in prevention and health outcomes in our local communities and the population at large. CHOPR’s Evaluation Core is focused on advising and managing evaluation requirements for research and service projects. This includes conducting process and outcome evaluations via qualitative and quantitative methods.



Applications are sought whose doctoral training and subsequent experience include a strong concentration in the social behavioral sciences, such as public health, psychology, family studies, sociology, or social work. Must possess knowledge of modern research methods, data collection, and analysis. Must have significant experience in analyzing and evaluating data, particularly quantitative data. General level of knowledge of project management, decision-making, and analytical skills. Strong verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills. Ability to work collaboratively with a research group or team.

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