Public Health Job Opportunities

Environmental Health Specialist I

Deadline: 4/10/17

Douglas County Health Department is seeking an Environmental Health Specialist I. Under the direction of the Health Director or designee, and after necessary orientation and training, the incumbent conducts routine inspections; investigates complaints; and enforces city, county, and state ordinances and laws dealing with environmental health and safety.

Essential Functions:
Investigate complaints from the public on environmental health and safety hazards including but not limited to: rodents, insects, vermin, trash, garbage, solid waste, water supplies, swimming pools, tainted foods, dairy products, unsanitary eating/ drinking establishments, hazardous wastes, and sewage treatment. Conduct on-site investigations, inform owners/operators of corrective actions needed and, when justified, issue an order to close violating establishments.
Conduct follow-up investigations to ensure that needed corrective actions have been taken.
Perform regular inspections of food service establishments (restaurants, kitchens, nursing homes, day care centers, retirement centers, food fairs, senior citizen nutrition sites, milk and dairy frozen dessert plants, catering businesses, food manufacturers, etc.), water wells, landfills, dairy farms, swimming pools, sewage treatment systems, and other establishments regulated by city, county or state statutes and regulations. Inform owners/operators of violations, including reasons for violations and corrective actions needed.
Conduct environmental assessments to identify public health concerns as requested.
Perform prescribed tests on samples obtained through routine and special inspections; assure samples are delivered to Health Department lab for tests if in-depth analysis is required. Submit test results to proper authorities and provide follow-up with supervisor and other appropriate agencies.
Jointly investigate suspected violations of ordinances/laws with Fire Department, State Health Department, Permits and Inspections, Humane Society, and other agencies.
Complete thorough documentation reports of incidents requiring investigation and enforcement and forward to supervisor. Enforce compliance with applicable laws and ordinances through notices, hearings, court orders, etc. Provide testimony in hearings, court, or other proceedings as required.
Take action to rid infested areas of rodents, vermin, and other infestations including, but not limited to: placement of rodenticide, removal of trash and rubbish. Educate residents and property owners of remedial actions needed to correct problems and to prevent recurrences.
Review plans for construction of new establishments and modifications to existing establishments to ensure compliance with appropriate standards of health, sanitation, and safety. Inform owners of corrective actions needed, when necessary, and conduct follow-up inspections to ensure compliance.
Respond to requests from residents to house non-domestic animals. Conduct inspection of premises to ensure compliance with applicable regulations, and issue permits when appropriate.
Prepare and maintain various records, reports, correspondence and other departmental documents, including mileage reports, time sheets, inspection reports, and documentation. Prepare drafts of notices, hearing and court letters and forward to secretary for typing and mailing.
Other Duties and Responsibilities
Assist in the placement of rodenticide packages (rat bait) in strict adherence to established safety regulations.
As requested by the general public or as directed by supervisor, conduct educational sessions on topics related to environmental health and safety.
Attend meetings, workshops, seminars, and in-service training, as approved or directed by supervisor to remain alert to “state of the art” in environmental health.
Receive and record complaints from the general public regarding suspected violations of environmental health and safety laws.
Operate standard office equipment in the performance of job duties (i.e. fax machine, copier, personal computer, calculator, etc.).
Perform accurate mathematical calculations in the performance of job duties.
Perform computer input and retrieval functions utilizing a variety of hardware and software programs.
Attend various training courses, seminars and conferences to maintain knowledge of current trends and developments in job-related skills and techniques.
Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, Biology, Chemistry, or a related field from an accredited college or university, which must include at least 30 semester hours in the basic natural sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Health, etc.).
Six months directly related work experience desirable.
Experience or training in operating personal computers desirable.
Registration as a Sanitarian in the State of Nebraska or with the National Environmental Health Association preferred.
Continued employment as an Environmental Health Specialist is provisional upon completing all requirements, and obtaining Registration as an Environmental Health Specialist in the State of Nebraska within the first two years of employment. Must complete all requirements for maintaining registration.
Must possess a valid driver’s license at the time of hire, and maintain it throughout the course of employment. Must possess own mode of transportation.
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