University of Nebraska Medical Center

Chronic Disease Epidemiologist

Deadline: 8/1/16


The Department of Health and Human Services is seeking a Chronic Disease Epidemiologist to continue developing, implementing, and improving the Nebraska Chronic Disease Surveillance Systems.

Examples of Work

  • Lead epidemiologic and surveillance activities for gathering, analyzing, and disseminating population health data to inform, prioritize, and monitor the delivery of the interventions in heart disease and stroke prevention, diabetes, obesity, physical activity, nutrition, breastfeeding, and school health.
  • Supervise Health Surveillance Specialist staff.
  • Lead the ongoing collection, analysis, and release of routine surveillance data including but not limited to vital records, hospital discharge data, BRFSS, and YRBS.
  • Identify and explore opportunities for data acquisition and analysis for grant measures and outcomes for which current data systems or sources do not exist.
  • Develop and maintain collaborative and effective relationships with internal and external epidemiology, surveillance, and program partners that will assist in achieving grant goals and objectives and monitoring the reach and impact of grant activities
  • Collaborate with State Actions for Prevention grant evaluator to assure alignment of epidemiology/surveillance and evaluation activities, and assist in the development of the grant’s evaluation plan and subsequent evaluation activities.
  • Write reports and summaries: detailing data collection and analysis; identifying areas for program improvement, programming gaps, and areas or groups disproportionately affected by chronic diseases; and communicating the effectiveness and impact of program interventions.
  • Utilize data to assist in monitoring grant and program activities to aid in successful achievement of program objectives and goals.
  • Participate in activities aimed at revising, implementing, and evaluating relevant state plans and/or strategic plans related to chronic diseases and prevention.

REQUIREMENTS: Masters degree in epidemiology, public health, biostatistics or other health care related field. Additional training and experience in the application of epidemiological principles and practices is required, including surveillance, investigative techniques, implementation and control measures and evaluation measures, and system design and implementation.

PREFERRED: PhD in epidemiology, or public health and supervision experience. Proficiency using SAS is highly desirable.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrated knowledge of epidemiological principles and practices related to surveillance, investigative techniques, statistical tools, epidemiological study methodologies and protocols and statewide surveillance system structures and operations.
  • Possess strong leadership skills.
  • Ability to: manage complex data bases, extract and create data marts, and integrate dissimilar data bases.
  • Demonstrate experience with partnership development for the acquisition of new data sets/systems.
  • Strong oral and written communication, analytical, planning, problem solving, and decision making skills.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of electronic health records and use of health information technology to improve performance.
  • Must be a team player and able to multi- task.

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