University of Nebraska Medical Center

Tobacco Control Epidemiologist

Deadline: 4/5/2016

NE DHHS is seeking a Tobacco Control Epidemiologist to oversee contract management, survey sample design, implementation, data collection and analysis of all tobacco-related surveys. Conduct statistical analysis of tobacco related data including hospital discharge data, vital statistics, smoking-attributable mortality, morbidity and economic costs; statistical analysis of health survey data such as Adult Tobacco Survey (ATS) data, Nebraska Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS), Nebraska Risk and Protective Factor Student Survey (NRPFSS), Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) and Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSs) data. Provide technical assistance to local grantees and communities regarding tobacco related data and evaluations and prepare tobacco-related data fact sheets, reports and publications. Will partner with both internal and external State affiliates and create and deliver presentations to these same associates, among other related parties. Will review data; obtain usable data; forge and maintain professional working relationships and overcome business relationship hurdles as needed; and will use data tools and surveys as part of this process. Will be asked to write samples / reports on Public Health data for the general public in common terms for ease of understanding. Occasional day travel and very infrequent overnight travel will occur.

Qualifications / Requirements

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health, Statistics, or Health Education and several years of experience in data analysis, statistics, and interpretation of epidemiological data in the relevant disease/health subject area.

PREFERRED: Three or more years of experience in areas as noted in the requirements and previous experience with SAS. One of more years of experience in tobacco control and prevention focused on best practices per CDC; SAS or Sudaan; program surveillance and evaluation relating to public health. Previous experience and/or a working knowledge of listed surveys a plus along with holding of a Master’s Degree in statistics or related field.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of: trends in risk factors, health/disease related conditions and interventions for a specific health/disease program; SAS and EPI information software. Ability to: facilitate groups in program evaluations and effectively collaborate with CDC, agency, and community officials in the collection assessment and reporting of health/disease data sets and control/intervention initiatives; translate data for individuals not within same scope of data knowledge.


See the full job posting at: www.governmentjobs.com/careers/nebraska/jobs/1391359/tobacco-control-epidemiologist