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Store Manager

Deadline: until filled

The Bike Union Mentoring Project is seeking a Store Manager!


The Bike Union Mentoring Project is a social enterprise whose mission is to create positive change in our community by combining youth mentoring, and workforce development. In collaboration with Project Everlast, a statewide organization created to see to the needs of youth aging out of the foster care system, The Bike Union Mentoring Project serves youth currently in or formerly in foster care with year-long paid job-mentoring. This programming emanates from The Bike Union, a full service bicycle retail store/coffeehouse, which invests all 100% of the revenue directly back into youth programming.

The primary goal of the employment-mentoring program is to create an environment that can provide both employment and cater to the needs of youth who have faced risk factors. Employees work 20 hours per week on bicycle service, sales, or as a barista in the coffeehouse. In addition to position-specific training, there will also be a heavy focus on core competency skills that will prove invaluable to them for their future professional endeavors. These skills will borrow from two nationally utilized criteria: SCANs (Secretary’s Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills) and JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates).  Employees will be evaluated on these skills on a monthly basis as well as performing self-assessments covering all training and core competency skills. All revenue generated by the bike/coffee retail go directly back into supporting our programming.

Among other duties, the Store Manager will:


  • Assist the Program Manager with implementation of community programming
  • Manage the business side of our bicycle retail shop and coffeehouse
  • Work with Young adults and adolescents, some of which may be youth who have experienced trauma
  • Oversee and direct one evening of our youth cycling program


Curriculum- Working with the Program Manager, the Store Manager will assist in implementing the curriculum as a means to ensure that all employees receive relevant, quality, and consistent training on position specific skills.


Technical skills- The Store Manager will work with employees and developing the hard skills necessary to working in a bicycle retail store and coffeehouse. The Store Manager will work directly with the Program Manager to ensure that both hard and the hard and soft skills programming is taking place in an effective manner.


Sales goals- Working with the Program Manager and the Executive Director the Store Manager will set the Sales goals for the bicycle shop and coffeehouse. The Store Manager will facilitate weekly meetings with the Executive director and the store management team.


View the job description and instructions for applying here.