Public Health Job Opportunities

Air Force Public Health Officer

Deadline: Continuous

The U.S. Air Force is seeking individuals interested in serving as Public Health Officers. These Officers have responsibilities that cover all aspects of public health, from surveillance to health promotion to health administration and more. 

Air Force Public Health Officers manage programs that focus on the following:

* Disease surveillance and prevention services ensure Airmen and their families are protected from communicable disease at home and while deployed. This program specifically focuses on sexually transmitted diseases, tuberculosis detection and control, animal bites, and community health surveillance for outbreaks and other reportable diseases.

* Food safety and public facility sanitation programs involve the continuous inspection and monitoring of food and public facilities on Air Force installations to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks. While deployed, public health officers and enlisted technicians ensure deployed forces don’t get sick from eating or drinking contaminated food and water.

* Force health management and medical readiness programs make sure our Airmen are healthy and medically fit for deployment. This program involves the application of medical standards, tracking immunization status, HIV testing, and monitoring Airmen who are on medical profiles. In addition, this program requires extensive pre and post deployment health surveillance to ensure Airmen returning from deployment don’t have malaria, PTSD, poor health outcomes due to environmental exposures or other serious conditions that require medical evaluation and treatment.

* Vector surveillance and entomology programs ensure Air Force communities and deployed Airmen are protected from diseases like West Nile Virus, hantavirus, Lyme disease, and malaria. It is important for an Air Force Public Health Officer to know the types of diseases carried and transmitted by local vectors as well as vectors found in high threat environments like Africa , Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

* Occupational and environmental health programs ensure worker safety and protection from hazardous chemicals, noise, and other workplace hazards. Air Force public health officers manage occupational exams and hearing conservation programs for both active duty Airmen and civilian employees assigned to their installation. They also conduct surveillance for occupational injuries and illness to detect and prevent workers from being harmed.

Eligibility: Must be a U.S. citizen and commissioned by age 42.

Educational Requirements:

Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM/VMD)

Master of Public Health (MPH/MSPH), plus a bachelor degree in a biological science

Master in Medical Entomology, plus a bachelors in a biological science


If interested, please contact:

MSgt James J. Aaron

Air Force Health Professions

Bellevue, NE 68005

Phone# 402-292-1815 Ext-107