Facilities Briefs

Construction Notice – Changes to DOC, Lot 3 and Clarkson Tower Dock

Several   activities surrounding the construction of the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center are occurring in the weeks ahead. The following notifications   will be posted as changes occur and we ask that you please mention these   updates to your colleagues. As always, be aware of construction workers and exercise extreme caution while driving.


This   week…

Construction Projects at Durham Outpatient Center
Construction to redefine safe paths for exiting   the Durham Outpatient Center (DOC) around the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer   Center project site will involve changes in door swings and exit lighting.   This effort will also include construction of a new egress corridor within the Lot 3 parking garage.

In   the weeks ahead…

Changes to Lot 3
A portion of parking spots in Lot 3 will be used   for emergency department patient parking to replace public parking spots   annexed by the expanding Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center project   site. Construction in Lot 3 will begin this week with an anticipated   completion date of September 20.  All employees assigned to Lot 3 should   continue to park in this lot as no user will be displaced as a result of this   change.

Current Lot 3 users will use access cards to pass   through the relocated parking control barrier arm to allotted parking spots.   If you are a Lot 3 user and you have misplaced your card, please call Parking Services at 559-8580 or email unmcparking@unmc.edu to obtain a replacement.

Clarkson Tower Dock Construction
Improvements to the Clarkson Tower Dock will be   made to accommodate the expanding construction site. This work is scheduled to be complete by September 20 as the Durham Outpatient Center (DOC) Dock will be closing in late September.

Please   direct all questions to Mike Faber, UNMC Facilities Management & Planning at 559-4503 or Chris Johnson, TNMC Facilities Management & Planning at 552-3292.



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