College of Nursing Cultural Events

East Meets West – Chinese nursing students share how they see American health care and culture!

Nursing students from China presented their views on American health care and culture at a cultural event on March 21st, 2014.  This was the second event in a series of Cultural Events offered by UNMC’s College of Nursing.  The event was open to all faculty, staff and students. ChineseUSAFlagsStudents from Jiao Tong University: “Cindy” Juhong Chen, “Daisy” Haishan Ruan, “Gabriella” Shengjia Wan, and “Kimico” Jianshu Zhang; and Tongji University: “Cynthia” Xiu Li Sun,  “Lucy” Qing Yu, “Jessica” Yiting Jiang, and “Carrie” Jie Pu each talked about their experiences in Nebraska while attending classes at the College of Nursing over their three week stay.

Come along on the journey with the nursing students from China, viewing healthcare and culture in America through their eyes in their recorded presentation. . .