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Doctor Shortage?

Great op-ed article summarizes the debate about the impending doctor “shortage” from an increase of insured persons (Affordable Care Act). There are several policy solutions to approach the doctor shortage such as…

•Change delivery of care to team approach and modify medical school curriculum to support it
•Reform payment of care
•Remove barriers to practice for providers
•Reform medical malpractice laws
•Move care to community via technology
•Remove barriers to telemedicine

Studies Show Need for Primary Care Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Nurse practitioners and physician assistants are poised to help fill the gap created by the shortage of primary care physicians in Nebraska as more people gain access to health care through the Affordable Care Act. But just like with primary care physicians, there is a shortage of nurse practitioners and physician assistants in the state. Two recent studies released by the University of Nebraska Medical Center reveal that the state will need 21 more primary care nurse practitioners and 23 more physician assistants by 2014 to meet the anticipated need created by health care reform.

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