Center for Health Policy

Doctor Shortage?

Great op-ed article summarizes the debate about the impending doctor “shortage” from an increase of insured persons (Affordable Care Act). There are several policy solutions to approach the doctor shortage such as…

•Change delivery of care to team approach and modify medical school curriculum to support it
•Reform payment of care
•Remove barriers to practice for providers
•Reform medical malpractice laws
•Move care to community via technology
•Remove barriers to telemedicine

Medical Schools See Record Numbers Of Enrollees

“In the face of projected doctor shortages and debate about the future of medicine, a record number of students applied to, and started, medical school this year. About 20,000 students enrolled in medical school in 2013, around 2.8 percent more than the year before, according to the datadistributed by the Association of American Medical Colleges on Thursday. First-time applications were also up by almost 6 percent.

Read the full story from Kaiser Health News here.

Visualizing Hospital Pricing

It’s no secret healthcare procedures often cost way more in the U.S. than they do in other countries. Healthcare costs also vary incredibly across different regions within the U.S. The health reform law has a provision that mandates greater transparency of data, which will arm the public with more information.

Beehive Media, a data visualization and design company, created interactive graphics to visualize hospital price data as part of a competition put on by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

If you would like to see how the price of certain medical procedures varies, say between Nebraska and Iowa, go here to play with Beehive’s cool visualization tool.