Center for Health Policy

Website Relaunched for UNMC Center for Health Policy

We made substantial improvements to the look and function of our website. It officially relaunched today. You can find us here. On the site, you can learn about the composition of the center, our educational offerings, and our research findings. The Blog has also been revised and improved. The blog will be a faster way for us to disseminate important policy information to the public. The vision is to have multiple authors (not just me) contribute to this blog to provide the most up to date and reliable information about policy that matters to the health of Nebraskans.

New Center for Health Policy Approved

Health care reform, distracted and impaired driving laws and strategies to increase the size of the health care workforce are samples of policies that will be researched and analyzed in UNMC’s new Center for Health Policy. The center, approved Friday by the University of Nebraska Board of Regents, will serve as a bridge between academic health researchers, state and local government, health care organizations and community leaders to help shape health policy decisions. The center will become the premier resource for leaders who seek policy solutions that improve the health of Nebraskans. Through the center, UNMC faculty and students will conduct interdisciplinary research and provide objective analysis of health policies.

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