Center for Health Policy

State Innovation Waivers

Many conservative states have been rankled by the health reform law. However, some state lawmakers are looking forward to an ACA waiver, known as the section 1332 or state innovation waiver, that could allow states to drop major portions of the ACA such as the individual mandate and the insurance exchanges and instead design an alternative health system for the state. This waiver will be available starting in 2017 and it is different than the waiver some states have used for Medicaid expansion (e.g. privatize Medicaid). The only stipulation is that the state will need to demonstrate that their plan will maintain the same coverage levels and do so at the same cost to the federal government. Read more about the waiver here.

CHP faculty research receives national media attention in U.S. News and World Report

Drs. Fernando Wilson, Jim Stimpson, and José A. Pagán gain national media attention for their study, “Fatal crashes from drivers testing positive for drugs in the U.S., 1993 – 2010.” Published in Public Health Reports, the study concluded that approximately 46.5% of fatal crashes involved drugged drivers using prescription drugs in 2010. The study also indicated that while nearly three quarters of drugged drivers used alcohol and cocaine, prescription drugs had the highest increase in prevalence among drugged drivers since the mid-2000s.