Center for Reducing Health Disparities

Kicking Off Tobacco Free Parks Initiative!!

As urbanites, all we get to enjoy, when it comes to nature, is a beautiful lawn and nearby tree, if we are lucky, a garden at our home or nearby neighbor’s. In order to really come out from our everyday routine, and have a good whiff of fresh air, there is the public park.  The park is a place, since we were children, that we… Continue Reading

Education at home … YES with Smoke-Free In-Home Visits!

On March 16, April 24 and April 27, the Center and participants of the Latinas, Tabaco & Cáncer (LTC) group hosted “Smoke-Free Home” visits. These in-home visits consisted of an educational presentation on tobacco related issues, information regarding smoke-free housing, as well as information on the prevention of cigarette-related fires.  LTC participants attended the meetings with neighbors and friends that for the first time were able to get information on the… Continue Reading