Center for Reducing Health Disparities

Rent Smoke-Free to Protect Your Health

Have you ever lived in an apartment complex where people smoke? I am lucky enough to not have experienced this, but there are many others that are not so lucky. They live in apartment building where their neighbors smoke and they do not like the smoke because it permeates through their apartment. Some don’t like the cigarettes smoke because of the smell, while others are… Continue Reading

Partners for Health: A Grassroots Effort to Reduce Tobacco Use in Nebraska

In Nebraska, collaboration is key to success. And for reducing tobacco use in Nebraska, partnering of local and state organizations has brought great success for the health of Nebraskans. You have experienced the success of that partnership – if you’ve ever entered a restaurant or any business and breathe in clean, yes, that clean air free of smoke. Advocating for and maintaining policies, programs and… Continue Reading

LTC at NAP’s Condom Fashion Show

This Thursday, June 27th, 2013 at the Magnolia Hotel in downtown Omaha, Latinas, Tabaco, y Cáncer will be participating in the Project Condom Fashion Show The Project Condom Fashion Show is an entertaining and educational event featuring fashion designs made with condoms to promote safer sex and HIV awareness. The Project Condom Fashion Show is a benefit that aims to raise funds towards Nebraska AIDS… Continue Reading