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If You Are a Tenant, Ask Your Landlord to Make Your Building Smoke-free!

It happens every year and in our city, more than once a year. Apartment fires caused by improperly discarded cigarettes have immense repercussions including the loss of life, major property damage costing millions to fix, and displacement. Without smoke-free housing, thousands of people are exposed to secondhand, which cannot be contained.  Children with asthma and even adults with respiratory conditions can be affected by secondhand smoke. Thirdhand smoke, the nicotine and chemical residue that sticks to walls, furniture, and even on your clothes, has also been found to have a negative impact on health. This residue then mixes with other common indoor pollutants thus creating a toxic mix (Mayo Clinic, 2017). Smoke-free housing policies are important. Ask your landlord to make your building smoke-free today! MOTAC can help you. Just give us a call: (402) 807-5466.

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