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July 2012 is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

In May 2008 the US House of Representatives proclaimed July as Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. The resolution, sponsored by Rep. Albert Wynn [D-MD] and cosponsored by a large bipartisan group, was passed in recognition that:

  • Improved access to mental health treatment and services and public awareness of mental illness are of paramount importance;and
  • An appropriate month should be recognized as Bebe Moore Campbell National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month to enhance public awareness of mental illness and mental illness among minorities.

The month was named after Bebe Moore Campbell as she was an accomplished author, advocate, co-founder of NAMI Urban Los Angeles and national spokesperson, who passed away in November 2006.  She received NAMI’s 2003 Outstanding Media Award for Literature for the book Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry, written especially for children, about a young girl who learns how to cope with her mother’s bipolar illness. In 2005, her novel 72-Hour Hold focused on an adult daughter and a family’s experience with the onset of mental illness. It helped educate Americans that the struggle often is not just with the illness, but with the healthcare system as well.

Campbell advocated for mental health education and support among individuals with mental illness and their families of diverse communities.

Throughout the month of July, we encourage you to learn more about mental health issues and what you can do.  If you would like to get more involved in activities this month, contact Center staff member, Antonia Correa, at (402) 559-3670 or via email at:

Talk about it.  Leave us a comment, Facebook us, or Tweet us @UNMCCRHD using the hashtag: #MinorityMentalHealth.

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