Center for Reducing Health Disparities

Latinas, Tabaco & Cáncer

Latinas, Tabaco & Cáncer is a group of women who reunite to get information about how to take care of their health and of their family. Most of these women are home stay wives and/or mothers.  Many women come to participate as a way to learn and socialize.  The group meets every other month, and over the year we participate in different activities. Many of the LTC members participated in the Cinco de Mayo Parade, distributing information about tobacco prevention.   Also, LTC was present in the National Alliance Mental Illness (NAMI) Walk in June, supporting this cause.

August 2010 - Latinas, Tabaco, y Cáncer Meeting

In our last LTC meeting in August, which took place in El Museo Latino, we gave recognitions to the members who participated and completed a 20 hour computer class. This achievement is just one of the many goals we have for this group. That same month, we had our yearly picnic at Elmwood Park. This picnic is a very important get together because as members we get to share quality time with each other, sharing dishes, anecdotes, and weaving the Latinas, Tabaco & Cáncer family together.

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