Central Campus Construction

Wittson/Wigton May 21 update

Progress Update:

  • Contractors will be working this weekend to haul in soil to the Northwall Plaza, please be mindful of the working machinery. Machinery will be operating between Wittson and Poynter. (work plan attached)
  • Stair A will be closed on Saturday May 22. Welding work will be taking place from 7am to 1pm.(work plan attached)
  • Construction work on Wittson L3 near room 3044 will happen Saturday May 22. Work will be noisy.(work plan attached)
  • Construction closure of the Wittson-Bennett Skywalk starting May 21 and finishing June 4. The skywalk to Sorrell will be unaffected.(work plan attached)
  • L8 North&West – Installation of HVAC duct in progress
  • L8 – Rare book room – Working on connections of new HVAC unit in south room. Finishing window work in north room.
  • L5 –installation of new glass door & wall in progress. Dimensional Innovations (exhibit) work complete
  • Wittson Hall – level 5 – power and data for 5025.
  • L4 – Dimensional Innovations (exhibit) work nearly complete. Exhibits are shrouded.
  • Lab 4004. HCI working on card access.
  • L4/L3 – Working on 42nd street vestibule, Door automatics in process. Medallion is scheduled to be installed May 21 @ 3pm
  • Wittson Hall – Level 2 – finishing touches on CM breakroom
  • Wittson Hall – L2 – Lockers – Installing locker trims almost complete – 3 pieces need to be made to finish.
  • AVISPL – Working on programming finishing touches. Some panels on the new L4 theater screen are not working. Silicon Core is coming next week (from Japan) to trouble shoot.
  • University Tower L4 – new lock installed. Keyed X1.7. Security has access to lock and unlock for events in Heritage.
  • Heritage – Working on Canopy, punchlist
  • Exterior – South Courtyard – working on sprinklers, lights, landscaping etc.
  • Exterior – Northwall Plaza – hardscape foundations, light pole bases, sidewalk, working from south to north. Sculpture foundation ready for new “Convergence” piece. Rain has delayed progress all week until today.
  • Exterior – Emile Ramp – light bases start installing next week


  • L8 Library – Center section construction to be complete by June 1. South RBR unit to be operational by June 1.
  • Wittson Hall – level 8 NM Pulmonary space – Late Aug 21’  
  • L7 – Wallpaper to finish is on order, shipping from Japan, ETA May 24
  • L6 staircase – Laminate overlay close to starting May 8, waiting on laminate
  • L4 – Coffee Cart – Dunkin is working on final construction plans. Tentative ETA on completion –June 23-30. Temp wall around coffee bar to be removed approx. June 14
  • Wittson Hall – level 3 – 42nd street entrance/vestibule construction – coincide with opening of Heritage Center. Connection between hallway and vestibule will be under construction until Mid-May.
  • L3 Hospitalist PH 2 part 3 – Office work in 3044 starting
  • Wittson Hall – Level 3 – South Hallway outside CAST – new ceiling, lights to start after 42nd St. vestibule opens. Hallway paint will start happening June 1.
  • Heritage Center punchlist completion – May 30
  • Heritage Center Completion of audio visual – Ongoing, must be complete by June 1
  • Heritage Center Grand Opening – June 29 (private event June 10)
  • Exterior – South Courtyard –Landscaping complete May 18, June 1 Sculpture installation, Dedication June 10
  • Exterior – Northwall Plaza – dedication June 16
  • Budget Status: Approved Budget = 31.4M Planned Spend = 31.4M

Key Risks or Issues:

  • Insert any project risks or issues being tracked, and any updates or action on issues since last update
    • Safety – No issues
    • Quality – punchlist timeliness has been an issue   
    • Schedule – see above
    • Budget –  

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