Central Campus Construction

Wittson/Wigton 3/19 Update

Progress Update:

  • Wittson All Floors – Planned domestic water outage (will effect all water systems) on Wed March 24 from 1am to 6am. HVAC will not be disrupted.
  • Level 4 – Additional noise/vibration from demolition at old restrooms will continue. This work will start Wednesday March 24 and finish March 26 5pm. L4 teams may wish to work off site.
  • Level 4 – Work taking place in ceiling near service elevator. Elevator still in service for deliveries.
  • L8 South (Library) – Work to be completed the week of March 22 – (punchlist, and floor grinding, doors, hardware, card access)
  • L8 – Rare book room HVAC. Equipment submittals have been approved. Equipment is on order. ETA for equipment is April 15-22nd.
  • L7, L6 – Punchlist, Furniture, McGoogan staircase work ongoing, wallpaper touch ups starting soon. May 8-18 for Level 6.
  • L5 – Demo for the glass wall is complete. Plastic is up
  • L4 – Closed for construction on main east west hall. Installing flooring, doors and hardware, signage, inspections, punchlist.
  • Lab 4004 – HCI working on card access. Door hardware, changing east door to exit only.
  • L4/L3 – Working on 42nd street vestibule (exterior wall is removed). New glass framing and some glass has been installed. Continuing installation.
  • L3 Center Stair. Flooring work continues, punchlist
  • L3 – Hospitalist PH2 part 1 – Moving forward with adding a wall mounted screen
  • L3 Hospitalist PH 2 part 2 – Data, punchlist.
  • Wittson Hall – Level 2 – Family RR complete.
  • Dimensional Innovations – Will be on L5 starting April 8.
  • AVISPL – Complete with Screen on L4 & L5. Working on items to finish up.
  • University Tower L3– open to traffic. Working on double door card access. Fixing existing electrified panics.
  • University Tower Exterior Restoration –South side starting week of Mar 29.
  • Heritage – Working on lighting, fire alarm, paint, HVAC balancing, punchlist.
  • Exterior – South Courtyard – Job trailer was moved. Site concrete work continues from circle to ramp.
  • Exterior – Northwall Plaza – Still working on sub grade drainage. It will be a push to be completed in May.
  • Exterior – Emile Ramp – discussions continuing on traffic control device. Signage proofs are complete.


  • L8 South (Library) – Work to be completed the week of March 22 – (punchlist, and floor grinding, doors, hardware, card access)
    • Schedule dates. Floor grinding/polish starts March 22. Shelving reassembly start March 29. New furniture April 4-17. Moving items North to South April 20-21. Surplusing items in 8N starts April 22.
  • Wittson Hall – Level 8 Hallway between elevator and Library. – Work to continue beyond next week. (Ductwork, demo, power lights, will continue past next week) Goal is to have this area walkable and dust free by April 5.
  • Wittson Hall – level 8 NM Pulmonary space – Aug 21’ – pending previous phase.  
  • Wittson Hall – level 5 – working on quote for new or moving existing furniture.
  • Wittson Hall – level 4 – construction in east-west corridor including elevator lobby (elevators will be offline level 4) until Late-March.
  • Wittson Hall – level 4 – Coffee Cart – Dunkin is working on final construction plans. Tentative ETA on completion – June.
  • Wittson Hall – Level 4 – Construction in skywalk between Wittson and – date will coincide with rebuilding of the old restrooms that are currently under way.– Sorrell skywalk will not be out of service at any time.
  • Wittson Hall – level 3 – 42nd street entrance/vestibule construction – coincide with opening of Heritage Center. Connection between hallway and vestibule will be under construction until Mid-May.
  • Wittson Hall – level 3 – Hospitalist phase 2 Part 2 – Furniture in late March, move in April.
  • Wittson Hall – L2 – Lockers – Installing locker trims the week of April 19
  • Wittson Hall – main center staircase closed for construction. Opening Late-March
  • Heritage Center furniture install will continue
  • Heritage Center punchlist completion – April 30
  • Heritage Center Completion of audio visual – April 30
  • Heritage Center Grand Opening – May 25
  • Exterior – South Courtyard – May 25
  • Exterior – Northwall Plaza – goal is May 25, lighting is delayed.
  • Exterior – installation of plantings – May 1-15 depending on weather.

Budget Status:

  • Approved Budget = 31.4M
  • Planned Spend = 31.4M

Key Risks or Issues:

  • Insert any project risks or issues being tracked, and any updates or action on issues since last update
    • Safety – No issues
    • Quality – punchlist timeliness has been an issue   
    • Schedule – Finishing areas on time without lingering items is an issue. The entire month of February was lost due to cold. It will be very difficult to finish the Northwall Plaza by May but that is our goal.
    • Budget – no contingency left.

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