Central Campus Construction

Wittson/Heritage Center December 11 Update

Progress Update:

  • Saturday Dec 12 7am – Siemens controls being rewired for 3 hours. Systems may be offline that are connected to Siemens building management system on L3, L4. HVAC, power, and lighting will still function as normal.
  • Library wallpaper work/cleaning will take place Dec 10 at 5pm. Work may produce an odor.
  • Level 8 – abatement complete, Construction starting. Center wall was removed due to asbestos. UNMC/HCI working on removing 2 adjacent room walls which will allow more open/large space.
  • L8 Rare book room HVAC. Drawings are at 100% stage from SES. Given to contractors. Recurring coordination has been setup with the contractors. Equipment Q &A is being worked through.
  • L7, L6 – Punchlist, Furniture, McGoogan staircase work ongoing, few small items left to do.
  • Level 5 – Drywall tape and finish. Painting inside Wittson. Framing and installing drywall inside Heritage including Multitaction Wall.
  • Wittson Hall – Level 4 – Closed for construction on main east west hall. Working on 42nd street vestibule (exterior wall is removed). Relocations in progress for MEP on areas where floor is to be removed.
  • Lab 4004. Finishing last steps, plumbing, electrical etc. Chairs scheduled for Dec 28.
  • L4 working on west side construction of new connection point to heritage. MEP work, ceiling framing.
  • L4 – Conference 4013 – working on locks for door. Almost complete
  • L3 currently a construction zone in the center of the east-west hallway. Stair access is closed to L3 at center stair.
  • L3 working on ceilings/paint/flooring in Hospitalist PH2 part 1. Phase 2 part 2 mobilizing to fix masonry soon that was priced up as an extra.
  • L2 Punchlist work in progress on locker rooms, Doing another coat of paint on Dec 16. L2 family RR and CM breakroom working on plumbing, electrical.
  • L2 Sterilizer. Installation of sterilizer in progress. The unit is mostly complete pending the delivery of the sheetmetal enclosure. The enclosure is custom built by the sterilizer vendor/installer. ETA is TBD.
  • Dimensional Innovations – Working through exact needs and coordination with construction– ongoing.
  • AVISPL – Met Dec 10 for a walk through on site. Everything looks good. One question about the electrical under the L4 podium. AVISPL start date is Feb 19
  • University Tower L3-L6 – working on terra cotta façade and windows, mechanical, electrical, framing, demo, flooring, cleanup. Some windows were mis-measured by contractors and are being re-ordered, still no ETA on those. Some areas are moving in on L6, 5 etc. Still work to do on L3, juggling some furniture in offices to make room to finish construction.
  • University Tower L3 hallway – Will be renovated by Core Construction
  • University Tower – east façade restoration work continues. Users please keep windows closed. Signs are posted.
  • Heritage, currently painting high ceiling. Working our way down as we finish.
  • Exterior – South Courtyard – working on retaining walls. Nearing completion there then moving to N plaza
  • Exterior – Northwall Plaza – finishing with UT cleaning, hardscape starting Dec 14. Schedule
  • Wittson Hall – level 8 south (library collections) –tentatively furniture moves February 19th to 25th.
  • Wittson Hall – level 8 NM Pulmonary space – Aug 21’ – pending multiple phases.
  • Wittson Hall – level 5 offices/catering/reception – Furniture starts in Late January 2021, move in February 2021.
  • Wittson Hall – level 5 – work in elevator lobby, elevators will be unavailable Nov 30 to end of December.
  • Wittson Hall – level 4 – construction in east-west corridor including elevator lobby (elevators will be offline level 4) until Feb.
  • Wittson Hall – level 4 – Coffee Cart – vendor is being selected – official notice should come soon on company providing service.
  • Wittson Hall – level 4 – Lab 4004. Completion in late December, furniture in January.
  • Wittson Hall – Level 4 – Construction in skywalk between Wittson and Bennett (closed for construction) – Late-December to early January – Sorrell skywalk will not be out of service at any time.
  • Wittson Hall – level 3 – 42nd street entrance/vestibule construction – coincide with opening of Heritage Center. Connection between hallway and vestibule will be under construction Dec to April.
  • Wittson Hall – level 3 – Hospitalist project phase 2 part 1, furniture install in December, opening late December. Part 2 – Furniture in early Feb. Move in Mid-Feb.
  • Wittson Hall – level 3 elevator lobby construction –December 18 to Feb 1 (work plan attached)
  • Wittson Hall – Level 3 corridor tie in with vestibule – North/South Hallway closed in middle section to tie in the 42nd street vestibule to east west hallway. (rooms will be available – Dec 18 to Feb
  • Wittson Hall – Level 2 – Family RR and CM breakroom complete in Dec. Will move computer to breakroom shortly after.
  • Wittson Hall – main center staircase closed for construction – Now until Feb
  • University Tower – Levels 3-6 – Move in dates are being coordinated with individuals/groups
  • Heritage Center furniture install starts mid-February 2021
  • Heritage Center first use of space – early March 2021
  • Heritage Center punchlist completion – April 2021
  • Heritage Center Completion of exhibits and audio visual – April 2021
  • Heritage Center Grand Opening – Late May 2021
  • Exterior – South Courtyard – Completion date coincides with Heritage.
  • Exterior – Northwall Plaza – completion late May 2021
  • Exterior – installation of plantings – likely April/May 2021 depending on weather for North and South Courtyard.

Budget Status:

  • Approved Budget = 31.4M
  • Planned Spend = 31.4M Key Risks or Issues:
  • Insert any project risks or issues being tracked, and any updates or action on issues since last update
  • Safety – mask wearing has been hot and cold with construction workers but still an issue. Workers are now being monitored over lunchtime for proper separation.
    • Quality – punchlist timeliness has been an issue
    • Schedule – Many areas have work happening. Covid has been an issue more and more it seems as the year goes on.
    • Budget – no contingency left. Decisions or Resources Needed:

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