Central Campus Construction

Wittson / Wigton Heritage Center October 2 Update

Progress Update:

  • Power outage – notice previously sent regarding power/HVAC outage for Oct 3.
  • Steam outage – this should not have much impact on comfort. Planned for Oct 7.
  • Level 8 – demo still in progress. Working on abatement. Starting mechanical installation
  • L8 Rare book room HVAC. Working on contract details pertaining to insurance values. SES Engineering reviewed submittals for HVAC equipment. Sent to Hausmann for comment.
  • L8 non-library space – Changes to plans are being finalized. Hausmann is working on pricing for this change.
  • Punchlist, Furniture, Move-in on Level 7 and 6 – still HCI working on punchlist items, a few extras are being planned/quoted, McGoogan staircase construction ongoing. Several small items left to do/improve.
  • Level 5 – Framing new offices currently. Fin tube heaters on west side removed. MEP rough in have started.
  • Wittson Hall – Level 4 – Noisy work is complete. Working on closing main east west hall. Working on 42nd street vestibule (exterior wall is removed). Removing flooring will take place soon. Date will be given so users know when the noisy work will start up again.
  • Lab 4004 Demo complete. Constructing new HVAC and Electrical services.  
  • L4 working on west side construction of new connection point to heritage. MEP work.
  • L3 currently a construction zone in the center of the east-west hallway. Stair access is closed to L3 at center stair.   Ceiling soffit framing work is in progress
  • L3 working on ceilings/paint in Hospitalist PH2
  • L3 working on office 3077 wall/door. Fire sprinkler lines in southwest corner of L3 is complete
  • L2 working on locker rooms, ceilings and inspections. Lockers on L2 will be moved into the L2 locker rooms on Oct 14-16.  Completion Oct 19.
  • L2 Sterilizer. Planning is taking place to remove wall 2099A in PYH so that the sterilizer can move through. Door, frame, hardware, card access, portion of drywall and wall itself will be removed in order to make this happen. A schedule on this will be sent out Monday.
  • All floors – work for planning and drawings is taking place for exhibit installations with Dimensional Innovations.
  • University tower L3-L6 – working on progress on vertical HVAC risers which serve Heritage atrium. Finishing soon, then shaftwall work can start.
  • Heritage, working on glass, mechanical and electrical. Focusing on high ceiling work first. Historic replica terra cotta pieces have arrived, that work continues. Restoration work on UT columns continues. Discussions/planning/work has started on locations that will accommodate AVISPL displays.


  • Wittson Hall – level 8 south (library collections) furniture starts Dec 1, 2020, Move in Late Dec 2020.
  • Wittson Hall – level 8 Neb Med space – TBD based on design
  • Wittson Hall – level 5 offices/catering/reception – Furniture starts in January 2021, move in February 2021.
  • Wittson Hall – level 5 – work in elevator lobby, elevators will be unavailable Nov 30 to end of December.
  • Wittson Hall – level 4 – construction in east-west corridor including elevator lobby (elevators will be offline level 4) Sept 30 to Feb  
  • Wittson Hall – level 4 – Coffee Cart – completion will depend on vendor selected. From what I hear Scooters chain is interested in the project.
  • Wittson Hall – level 4 – Lab 4004. Completion in December.
  • Wittson Hall – Level 4 – Construction in skywalk between Wittson and Bennett (closed for construction) – Mid-December to early January – Sorrell skywalk will not be out of service at any time.
  • Wittson Hall – level 3 – 42nd street entrance/vestibule construction – coincide with opening of Heritage Center. Connection between hallway and vestibule will be under construction Dec to Feb 1.
  • Wittson Hall – level 3 – Hospitalist project phase 2, furniture install in early December, opening late December.
  • Wittson Hall – level 3 elevator lobby construction – Mid December to Feb 1.
  • Wittson Hall – Level 3 corridor tie in with vestibule – North/South Hallway closed in middle section to tie in the 42nd street vestibule to east west hallway. (rooms will be available – Mid Dec to Feb 1
  • Wittson Hall – Level 2 – Moving L2 lockers to new locker rooms Oct 14-16. Completion of Locker rooms open for use on Oct 19. Punchlist completion by November 6.
  • Wittson Hall – main center staircase closed for construction – Late-September to Feb 1, 2021
  • Heritage Center furniture install starts mid February 2021
  • Heritage Center first use of space – early March 2021
  • Heritage Center punchlist completion – late March 2021
  • Heritage Center Completion of exhibits and audio visual – early April 2021
  • University Tower – Levels 3-6 – furniture starts November 1, occupancy in December.
  • Exterior – South Courtyard – Completion date coincides with Heritage completion.
  • Exterior – installation of plantings – likely spring of 2021 depending on weather for North and South Courtyard. Working on foundation designs for art pieces with HDR. Design for  phase 1 foundation piece is in final stages

Budget Status:

  • Approved Budget = 31.4M
  • Planned Spend = 31.4M

Key Risks or Issues:

  • Insert any project risks or issues being tracked, and any updates or action on issues since last update
    • Safety – mask wearing has been better with construction workers but still an issue
    • Quality – punchlist timeliness has been an issue,  
    • Schedule –   
    • Budget – no contingency left.

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