Central Campus Construction

Williams Science Hall October 2 Update

Progress Update:

  • RO System Replacement almost complete
    • Estimated duration is 4 weeks – 9/8 to 10/6
  • Air Handler 2 – 1 day shutdown for tie-in – this will be October/early November timeframe
  • Building Access update – 2nd floor South entrance is closing, 2 new, temporary, 1st floor entrances available. (See attached plans).
    • 3rd floor East entrance with card access is unchanged

Phase 1:

3rd & 4th Floors

  • Punch list items underway – due 10/5
  • Fume hood modifications are underway by Waldinger – 1 hour per fume hood (max) and light noise expected (drill).
    • They are installing a “pan” that will allow the existing hood to operate in the new variable air flow system and, ultimately, complies with building code

1st & 2nd Floors

  • Electrical and plumbing work is finalizing
  • IT cabling is complete and terminated in new IT closets
  • Glass railing system for 2nd floor catwalk and atrium stairs is onsite – installation is progressing
  • Ceiling grid installed
  • Light fixtures installed
  • Flooring installation is finalizing
  • Above Ceiling and Electrical inspections to be complete
  • Room/door signage installation started, complete week of 10/5
  • Punch list walk by RDG 10/5
  • SFM walk for temp C of O – 10/8

Phase 2:

  • Waldinger removed both Bio Safety Cabinets from TC room; will remove fume hoods from 3005 and 4023
  • Electrical demo and temp lighting is ongoing
  • Corridor work and impact under review – CRA will be week of 10/5
  • Casework and full demo underway
  • TC room design to include 2 separate rooms with one vestibule/ante room


  • Column Framing has started
  • Landscaping at main entrance – frames for concrete planters
  • SW soffit is repaired and finished   


  • 10/8 – Atrium and Phase 1 floors 1 and 2 (temp Cert. of Occupancy)
  • 11/6 – tentative Phase 2 4th floor North half to start
  • Contractor Substantial Completion: 03/15/21
  • First Use of Space: Varies by temp Certificate of Occupancy; I will keep everyone informed as we near each groups move date

Budget Status:

  • Approved Budget = $12,673,300
  • Planned Spend = $12,587,799

Key Risks or Issues:

  • Occupied Building and impact during building system shut-downs and construction activities in Phases
    • Central stair and corridor work coordination and closure
  • Occupied labs (Murry/Lyubchenko) and scope of work coordination
    • Walk occurred with Dr. Lyubchenko week this week
    • Meeting scheduled with Dr. Murry for 10/5
  • Budget: “less than” mindset
    • Abatement – black glue under VCT flooring
    • Phase 2 conditions
    • Freight Elevator

Decisions or Resources Needed: None at this time.

Tissue culture casework ready for demo. The green is original to 1975.
Atrium feature wall – painted, before the new paneling was installed.

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