Central Campus Construction

Williams Science Hall Update

Progress Update:

  • Air Handler 2 – delivery complete!
    • 1 day shutdown for tie-in – this will be October timeframe
  • RO System shutdown planned for Tuesday, 9/8water will be supplied during this time
    • 8 @ 5 gallon jugs were delivered; LCMS in route
    • Estimated duration is 4 weeks
  • Fire Panel Testing – Tuesday, 9/8, afternoon
    • Audible Alarms
    • Strobe testing

*Note: Fire Protection Services will make announcements prior to testing and after tests are complete. They will also announce emergencies during this time.

3rd & 4th Floors

  • SFM scheduled for 9/14 @ 9am for Certificate of Occupancy walk (vacation all next week) – a preliminary walk occurred 8/24
  • 3rd and 4th floors are opening on a Conditional Temporary Certificate of Occupancy which allows us to move into the space prior to SFM walk
  • Punch list items underway
  • Phase 2 occupants to start moving into Phase 1: 9/8-9/11
    • 4th floor copier, break room, and conference room moving down the hall on 9/11

1st & 2nd Floors

  • Electrical and plumbing work is finalizing
  • IT cabling is complete and terminated in new IT closets
  • Glass railing system for 2nd floor catwalk and atrium stairs is onsite – installation is progressing
  • Concrete poured on 2nd floor catwalk/lobby area
  • New door installation in progress on 2nd and 1st
  • Card reader rough-ins installed

Phase 2: 4th  (South half) and 3rd floor temp walls start 9/9 and 9/14


  • Any building issues, please contact me prior to contacting Facilities.
  • Please report any elevator functional issues to me and I will reach out to O’Keefe


  • EIFS work ongoing –  major progress this past week
    • The underside of the soffit on the Southwest corner was demoed
  • Landscaping to start at main entrance 9/8


  • 9/8 – 3rd & 4th floors complete on Phase 1 (temp Cert. of Occupancy)
  • 9/8 – relocations of Phase 2 occupants to start
  • 9/10 – Phase 2, 4th floor, South ½ work to begin
  • 9/14 – Phase 2, 3rd floor work to begin
  • 9/22 – Atrium and Phase 1 floors 1 and 2 (temp Cert. of Occupancy)
  • Contractor Substantial Completion: 03/15/20
  • First Use of Space: Varies by temp Certificate of Occupancy; I will keep everyone informed as we near each groups move date
    • 1st series of moves are Phase 2 occupants over to Phase 1 space

Budget Status:

  • Approved Budget = $12,673,300
  • Planned Spend = $12,587,799

Key Risks or Issues:

  • Occupied Building and impact during building system shut-downs and construction activities in Phases
  • Occupied labs (Murry/Lyubchenko) and scope of work coordination
  • Budget: “less than” mindset
    • Abatement
    • Phase 2 conditions
    • Freight Elevator

Decisions or Resources Needed:

  • None at this time but will continue to coordinate with occupants and UNMC partners to keep progressing.
Williams Science Hall
Williams Science Hall

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