Central Campus Construction

Wittson and Heritage Center Weekly Update

Progress Update:

  • Demolition on Level 8 – still in progress, about a week left.
  • L8 Rare book room HVAC. Material submittals in process.
  • Punchlist, Furniture, Move-in on Level 7 and 6 – still HCI working on punchlist items, a few extras are being discussed, Frosted Film, donor TV screen.
  • Level 5 – More 1hr wall rating work continues next week. Some demolition starts
  • Lab 4004 working on Demo.
  • L4 Move out is complete. Area will become a construction area Aug 21
  • L4 working on west side construction of new connection point to heritage. MEP work
  • L4 discussions taking place on cordoning off center section of L4 for construction – Elevator will be taken offline during work.
  • L3 discussions taking place regarding Plumbing work to accommodate L4 family restroom. May need to work in office 3048
  • L2 working on locker rooms, floor concrete, framing, drywall, plumbing
  • L2 and L4 – starting to install lockers in temp spaces while construction continues on L2 new locker room. (in session Aug 24)
  • L2 – sterilizer moving over from Eppley Science around Aug 24


  • Sterilizer moving from ESH – Aug 24
  • Contractor Substantial Completion: Jan 1, 2021
  • First Use of Space: March 1, 2021
  • Exhibit installation completion: March 28, 2021

Budget Status:

  • Approved Budget = 30.66M
  • Planned Spend = 30.66M

Decisions or Resources Needed:

  • L8 redesign – pending costs from Contractors

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