Central Campus Construction

Williams Science Hall Weekly Update

Progress Update:

  • Reminder: Domestic water shut-down – Saturday, 8/15, 8am to 12pm (sinks, toilets, drinking fountains, eyewash stations, and decon showers)
  • Air Handler 2 – delivery and installation – pending new date (will be a Saturday)
    • CRA pending – 1 day shutdown for tie-in (same as delivery day)
    • Crane onsite on the East side of the building – 2 days
  • Brick paver demo on 1st and 2nd floors – complete. (South entrance at later date)
  • Flooring installation 3rd floor in-progress
  • Ceiling grid installation – complete
    • Ceiling pads following final inspections
  • Final Above Ceiling Inspections for 3rd and 4th
  • Restroom tiling finishing on 1st floor; fixture installation
  • New RO System & piping
  • Electrical and plumbing work is ongoing
  • HVAC ductwork for AHU2 almost complete in preparation for the unit’s arrival
  • IT closets are being outfitted from top down – floor sealed, cabinets on campus for switches; UPSs, etc.
  • IT cabling is being installed
  • Glass walls on 3rd and 4th floors in atrium/elevator lobbies is almost complete
  • Glass railing system for 2nd floor catwalk and atrium stairs is onsite – installation has started
  • New doors are onsite – installation following the flooring
  • Card reader rough-ins
  • Casework installed! (see pics)
  • Elevators and Elevator lobbies:
    • The power to both passenger elevators was restored for contractor use. This will help reduce traffic in the occupied area and increase efficiency in the construction area
    • Interior finishes were approved and ordered
  • Exterior: No change this week.
    • EIFS work to resume 8/17 and continue all week on North and West facades 
      • The underside of the soffit on the Southwest corner to be replaced in its entirety
    • New glass installed with fritted pattern – almost complete


  • 8/28 – 3rd & 4th floors complete on Phase 1 (temp Cert. of Occupancy)
  • 9/1 – relocations of Phase 2 occupants to start
  • 9/7 – Phase 2, 4th floor, South ½ work to begin
  • 9/14 – Phase 2, 3rd floor work to begin
  • 9/22 – Atrium and Phase 1 Insert the next upcoming project milestone(s) or major work – including GC and other services
  • Contractor Substantial Completion: 03/15/20
  • First Use of Space: Varies by temp Certificate of Occupancy; I will keep everyone informed as we near each groups move date
    • 1st series of moves are Phase 2 occupants over to Phase 1 space

Budget Status:

  • Approved Budget = $12,673,300
  • Planned Spend = $12,587,799

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