Central Campus Construction

Williams Science Hall Update 7/31/20

WSH activities from this week and looking forward:

  • Electrical shutdown of emergency power planned for Thursday, August 6.
    • CRA scheduled for Monday, 8/3
    • A separate email outlining the plan was sent on Tuesday, 7/28, to occupants
    • Strategic is prepared to provide any temp power support that may be needed (8/5)
  • Air Handler 2tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 8, for delivery and installation
    • CRA pending – 1 day shutdown for tie-in
    • Crane onsite on the East side of the building
  • Brick paver demo on 1st and 2nd floors continues. This is ALL afterhours work – approx.. 530pm-130am. 
  • Exhaust System – Filters were changed Wednesday, 7/29; Falcon is working on the VFD that has malfunctioned

Construction Activities:

  • All floors:
    • 1st coat of paint – all floors
    • Flooring installation on 4th floor almost complete; will work downwards
    • Ceiling grid installation – all floors except the corridors
    • Restroom tiling finishing on 1st floor; fixture installation
    • New RO System piping
    • Electrical and plumbing work is ongoing
    • HVAC ductwork for AHU2 almost complete in preparation for the unit’s arrival
    • IT closets are being outfitted from top down
    • IT cabling is being installed
    • Framing, drywall, and priming of feature walls complete
    • Glass walls on 3rd and 4th floors in atrium/elevator lobbies is almost complete
    • Glass railing system for 2nd floor catwalk and atrium stairs is onsite – installation has started
    • Final Above Ceiling Inspections pending, then ceiling tiles will be installed
    • New doors are onsite – installation following the flooring
  • Elevators and Elevator lobbies:
    • The power to both passenger elevators was restored for contractor use. This will help reduce traffic in the occupied area and increase efficiency in the construction area.
  • Exterior:
    • EIFS and other exterior work – North side demo and new caulking complete – still to paint
      • The underside of the soffit on the Southwest corner may need to be fully replaced due to existing condition
    • New glass installed with fritted pattern


  • Only authorized personnel in the construction areas and only with PPE
  • Please continue to report any issues (e.g. unexplained odors) as they arise
  • Masks are required per UNMC policy

Schedule & Budget:

  • Phase 1 anticipated completion end of August with the Atrium anticipated in late September.
    • Phase 2 sub-phasing plan was submitted and I will schedule meetings with those affected by the work
    • I have created an initial draft move/move-in schedule that I am coordinating with floor plans to share with the team
  • Budget items: no new issues; change order #3 final pricing received and Change order issued.
    • Tracking under budget currently, the shift to Phase 2, relocations, firewatch, etc., and final move-in pricing to be considered
    • Additional bike rack area presented on Southwest corner
    • EIFS work on SW corner

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