Central Campus Construction

Williams Science Hall Update 6/26/20

Construction Activities:

  • All floors:
    • Air Handler One start-up occurred this week
      • Inspection completed
      • Need IT cabling for Siemens Controls
    • Priming and 1st coat – all floors
    • Ceiling grid installation – all floors
    • Restroom tiling finishing on 1st and 2nd floors
    • Electrical and plumbing work is ongoing
    • IT closets are being outfitted from top down; Switches to be installed once space is cooled
    • Framing of North end feature wall has started
  • Elevators and Elevator lobbies:
    • Both passenger elevators are temporarily shut down for construction activities in the lobby ceiling areas
  • 1st, 3rd, and 4th floor lobbies under construction
    • 2nd floor lobby phasing – North side work to start week of 6/22 – pushed to 6/29 pending CRA
      • My understanding is Security has not been unlocking this entrance and all traffic enters through the South, therefore, we would like to get started in this area to have it open before students return to campus
      • South entrance TBD – likely at the end of the project for minimal impact
  • Exterior:
    • EPHIS and other exterior work – North side demo and new caulking complete – still to paint
    • New glass / framing is ongoing
      • Glass installation has continues on the atrium (replacement glass)


  • Only authorized personnel in the construction areas and only with PPE
  • Please continue to report any issues (e.g. unexplained odors) as they arise

Schedule & Budget:

  • Phase 1 anticipated completion – TBD. Following recent activities to increase progress, we expect the updated schedule on July 1.
    • 6/19 – M-H, RDg, and UNMC met to determine Phase 2 sub-phasing.
      • M-H to report feedback from HVAC contractor at OAC on 6/29
    • Planning for Phase 2 lab work in occupied labs in-progress
      • Meetings to follow
  • Budget items: no new issues; change order #3 final pricing received and Change order issued.

Tracking under budget currently, the shift to Phase 2, relocations, and final move-in pricing to be considered

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