Central Campus Construction

Williams Science Hall Update 5/15/20

WSH activities from this week and looking forward:

Elevators and Elevator lobbies:

  • Both passenger elevators are temporarily shut down for construction activities in the lobby ceiling areas
  • Card Access work complete, for now, on all elevators
  • O’Keefe also fixed a gate that was causing an issue

Construction Activities:

  • All floors:
    • New Air Handler Unit 1 – arrived on 5/9 and is being installed and connected to Phase 1 areas
    • Drywall is going up on all floors
    • Acid waste vent piping issue identified and is currently being resolved
    • New ceiling has started in auditorium
    • Electrical and plumbing work is ongoing – new electrical room on 1st floor is live; new panels on 3rd and 5th.
    • IT closets are being outfitted – 4th floor first; 2nd will follow
    • Atrium ceiling framing is in-process
  • Other:
    • Phase 1 Key meetings complete for almost all Phase 1 occupants: Dr. Marky and Dr. Klepser as well as vacant/shared areas scheduled for week of 5/18
    • Any building issues, please contact me prior to contacting Facilities. If the problem is project related, I can respond much quicker with the GC or reach out to Facilities if the issue is not project related.
  • Exterior:
    • EPHIS and other exterior work expected to start-up soon
    • Framing for new glass at front entrance and 2nd floor break room area continue


  • 2 “false alarm” fire alarms occurred this week due to a potentially faulty smoke detector that was disabled (was to be replaced in Phase 2) – firewatch extended to include the 4th floor elevator lobby for the interim.
    • I have contacted the Omaha Fire Dept. and Firehouse 34 (first responders to UNMC) again re: access to WSH as it appears to have been challenging with a 2nd level entrance.
  • Only authorized personnel in the construction areas and only with PPE
  • Please continue to report any issues (e.g. unexplained odors) as they arise

Schedule & Budget:

  • Phase 1 anticipated completion – TBD. A meeting is scheduled with Meco-Henne for 5/18 re: construction delays.
    • Relocation schedule draft in-progress for Phase 2
    • Planning for Phase 2 lab work in occupied labs in-progress
  • Phase 2 & Substantial Completion is August 2020
  • Final completion: Fall 2020
  • Budget items: no new issues; change order #4 pricing in process – this pricing will merge with CO #3 due to timing.

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