Central Campus Construction

Wittson Hall, Heritage Center Update

Upcoming shutdown: (HVAC, lighting, power outlets) effecting Wittson levels 5-8 only. April 25 6:30am to 4pm

Work continues to progress on level 6 and 7 of the library renovation. Paint and finishes are happening on level 6. Level 7 is still working on framing and drywall. Bookcases have started to be installed as well.

Level 5 work continues for the new storage space. Framing and sheeting.

Level 4 office punchlist work, hallway widening framing and electrical inspections.

Level 3. Classroom 3020 countertops.

Level 2. Changes to design for Anatomy lab ductwork. Small restroom renovations continue.

Heritage Center. Currently working on fireproofing of structural steel and connections for exterior glass enclosure system.

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