Central Campus Construction

Williams Science Hall Update April 10

By Erin Peters, NCIDQ, LEED AP, Facility Project Management – Sr. Analyst, Facilities Management & Planning

Scheduled Building shutdowns: No change – we are still on schedule for this timeline.

  • Electrical shutdown: Thursday, April 16 (8 hours max)
    • Strategic is planning 3 generators in the dock area to power certain panels for the freezers.
  • HVAC (Exhaust only) shutdown: Friday, April 1721 (max)
    • The exhaust impacts fume hoods and restroom exhausts
    • Regular supply and return air is not affected nor are building temperatures

Phase 1 update:

Construction:  All trades continue to progress..

  • Atrium ceiling still under construction
  • The new exhaust unit and fans are in position on the roof.

Elevators and Elevator lobbies:

  • The team is discussing opportunities to complete work in public elevator lobbies at this time as we anticipate the least amount of impact. The low population on campus and the reduced hours of occupants within the building may facilitate our ability to move quicker in these areas.  More to come!
  • The service elevator would not be impacted at this time.
  • All floors:
    • Drywall is going up on all floors
    • Electrical and plumbing work is ongoing
    • Ductwork insulation is in progress.
    • Fire sprinkler system design is complete and installation is in progress
  • Other:
    • Signage for Phase 1 ordered (room numbers and stair tower / egress signs only)
    • AV has begun ordering equipment
    • I will be scheduling Key meetings for all departments so door hardware can be ordered
  • Exterior:
    • No definitive date on exterior startup with current temperatures
    • Southwest corner on 2nd floor is demoed out for new break room area


  • Only authorized personnel in the construction areas and only with PPE
  • Please continue to report any issues (e.g. unexplained odors) as they arise

Schedule & Budget: No changes at this time.

  • Phase 1 anticipated completion – shifting to May; Atrium the end of June
    • Relocation schedule draft inprogress for Phase 2
  • Phase 2 & Substantial Completion is August 2020
  • Final completion: Fall 2020
  • Budget items:
    • Firewatch – currently absorbing in contingency
    • Fume hood infrastructure for teaching and 4th floor vacant labs in SW corner

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