Central Campus Construction

Williams Science Hall Update 1/3/20

WSH activities from this week and looking forward:

Phase 1 update:


  • Noise levels are constant and vary day-to-day
  • All floors:
    • Demolition in atrium is ongoing
    • Metal stud framing, walls and ceiling soffits, and drywall is being hung
      • Auditorium ceiling is in-process – reviewed with AV team and architect on 1/2
      • M-H has demoed the glass walls and door on the 2nd floor where the Dean’s office was previously
      • Inspection scheduled for 1/7
    • Steel for feature wall in atrium and for roof support of new AHUs is on its way
    • Ductwork installation (supply/exhaust) has extended in to the atrium space to connect to the main vertical shaft by the existing restrooms
      • Final testing in West side of building planned for week of 1/6
    • Electrical and plumbing rough-ins – copper water line installation has begun
      • Inspections are being scheduling scheduled
    • Fire sprinkler system design is in-progress


  • Only authorized personnel in the construction areas and only with PPE
  • Please continue to report any issues (e.g. unexplained odors) as they arise

Other issues/items:

  • M-H will need to tap into the gas line from a location in the tunnel between CON and WSH. This will affect Bunsen burners only for about 2 hours. I will send more details (i.e. the date work is to occur) once finalized.

Schedule & Budget:

  • Phase 1 anticipated completion June 2020
    • Exhaust fan and AHUs – Spring 2020
    • Phase 1 / Phase 2 initial transition schedule and planning has begun
      • Phase 1 completion is anticipated for April/May 2020, while the atrium space will extend to June.
    • Phase 2 & Substantial Completion is August 2020
    • Final completion: Fall 2020
    • Budget items:
      • Firewatch – currently absorbing in contingency
      • Fume hood infrastructure for teaching and 4th floor vacant labs in SW corner

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