Central Campus Construction

Williams Science Hall Update 10/18/19

WSH activities from last week and looking forward:

Phase 1 update:


  • Noise levels are constant and vary day-to-day
    • There has been an increase in noise due to the new construction walls going up – this is temporary
    • Core drilling is happening; electrical is complete, but the plumbing contractors are in progress
  • Metal stud framing and drywall underway on all floors
  • Electrical rough-ins complete on 2nd floor
  • Ductwork installation underway on all floors
  • L1 – trench dug for new plumbing to service new restrooms – concrete pour-back within the next 2 weeks
  • Greenhouse demo complete by end of October / early November
  • Construction Phase 1 perimeter is in-process
    • 3rd and 4th floors are complete
    • 2nd floor is partially complete – working on the plan for minimal south entrance closure and critical HVAC work
    • 1st floor underway


  • Only authorized personnel in the construction areas and only with PPE

Exterior Work: no change

  • North side is currently underway. This area requires a lot of scaffolding to reach challenging areas. There is a tunnel in place for pedestrians – please follow signs and stay within the safe areas when using this entrance/exit. Once the EIFS work is compete, the scaffolding will come down.

Other issues/items:

  • EVS closet relocation from 2nd floor
  • 3rd floor copy room – possible relocation

Schedule & Budget:

  • Phase 1 anticipated completion was April 2020, at this time, incorporating Phase Final items is expected to push out ~60 days (June 2020)
    • Exhaust fan and AHUs – Spring 2020
  • Budget items: no change
    • Increased number of WAPs and impact – budget submitted
    • Firewatch
    • Minor floor plan changes reviewed, final, and moving forward
    • Fume hood ductwork for teaching lab

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