Central Campus Construction

Williams Science Hall Update 9-9-19

Activities this week and moving forward:

  • Sorrell courtyard sidewalk and patio project (weather permitting)
    • Lower patio center area is complete
    • The sidewalk between the 2 sets of stairs on the North side was poured and should be open
    • The  piece of sidewalk leading up to the dock area and the ice rink is getting a trench drain and new concrete – this area will be poured once the boom-style lift is removed

Phase 1 – Update:

  • Construction
    • Demo activities are winding down
    • Noise levels are a constant and may vary day-to-day – there will be more concrete jackhammering as we install plumbing for the new restrooms
    • Abatement is almost complete
    • “Building sweat” seems to be under control – stained ceiling tiles changed out
    • Minor gas shutdown was complete on Thursday, 9/5, allowing for gas lines in the construction area to be demoed
    • Fume hoods in Phase 1 were also disconnected on Thursday, 9/5. No issues reported.
    • Metal stud framing will start week of 9/9
  • Safety:
    • Authorized personnel only in construction areas and only with PPE
    • Please follow signs and do not cross construction tape in the Sorrell Courtyard.  These are in place to delineate safe routes.
  • Exterior Work on South Façade:
    • Area 1 is behind schedule.  Painting is in progress
    • The boom-style lift will be removed following completion
    • Shift to Area 2 (see image below) once Area 1 is complete

Williams Science Hall Renovation Area 2

  • Schedule & Budget:
    • Phase 1 anticipated completion April of 2020
      • New Exhaust fan and AHU installation schedules being discussed for next spring
      • TSQC final training session is 9/17-18
    • Budget
      • Estimation of system controls under review
      • Network engineers have figured more WAPs than originally designed – impact TBD
      • Firewatch currently covered under contingency
    • Other:
      • A project was installed in 4013 temporary conference room for everyone’s use


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