Central Campus Construction

Update on Williams Science Hall & Sorrell Courtyard

Quick update on the Sorrell Courtyard project that coincides with the Exterior Façade work: 

  • Sidewalk and patio project (weather permitting)
    • Lower patio center area is scheduled for a concrete pour tomorrow, Friday
    • The sidewalk between the 2 sets of stairs on the North side of the patio is scheduled for a concrete pour on Tuesday
      • This will remain closed through Wednesday – please use the ramp to the South per the construction tape and signs when accessing the South doors
    • The  piece of sidewalk leading up to the dock area and the ice rink is getting a trench drain and new concrete – this area will be poured once the boom-style lift is removed which should be next week

Phase 1 – Update:

  • Demo activities are winding down
    • 1 hour – Natural gas shut-down planned (gas outlets for burners inside lab)
    • Abatement of flooring in progress – no impact outside of the construction area
    • “Building sweat” seems to be under control since recent modifications were made
    • An active water line was cut this week in error – UNMC responded with an emergency water shut-down while repairs were completed
      • The reports I received indicated no impact outside of the construction zone
  • New Construction:
    • Metal stud framing starts week of 9/2
  • Fume Hood removal and re-balancing
    • Phase 1 fume hood disconnection is scheduled for 9/5
      • CRA scheduled for 9/3 at 1030am
  • Fire system shut-down by floor is complete.
  • Exterior Work on South Façade:
    • Area 1 is behind schedule.  Painting is in progress and should be done Friday, 8/30
    • The boom-style lift will be removed next week
    • Shift to Area 2 (see image below) to follow
  • Schedule & Budget:
    • Phase 1 anticipated completion April of 2020
    • No concerns at this time for either

WSH Area 2

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