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Construction for Wittson Hall/Wigton Heritage Center: May Q & A

PLEASE SHARE:  The McGoogan library of Medicine is closed for construction and only available through card access to authorized personnel only. 

Below are recent questions/answers regarding this project. 


UT4 to Sorrell

Wittson UT Alternate Route

UT4 to Eppley

Will we still be able to get from UT to Wittson via 4th floor in order to get over to Sorrel?

The connectors on levels 3, 4 and 5 from University Tower to Wittson Hall will close.  The connectors will be demolished to make way for the Heritage Center.

There are several alternate routes:

  1. Courtyard from UT ->  Wittson Hall
  2. Tunnels from UT -> Bennett, then through to Wittson Hall.
  3. Tunnels from UT -> then upstairs and around the corner to Wittson Hall.

Once you are in Wittson Hall, you can walk over the skywalk to Sorrell etc. The Sorrell skywalk over 42nd street is not impacted.  See maps above for more information. 

Is the tunnel open from the 2nd floor of University Tower all the way to Bennett Hall? I thought there was a closed door that restricted access.

Yes, this tunnel will remain open for it is an alternate route mentioned above.  From Lied to Bennett, there is badge access required.  See maps above for more information. 

Is it possible to have signage to direct people who will be taking the tunnels from level 2 of Bennett over to UT? It can be a little difficult to navigate for those who have never taken that route.

Yes, signage to be installed next week in the tunnels and outside.

How long do you think this path will be closed?  Will it actually be closed through Winter of 2020?

The “connector” will close June 3, 2019 and will reopen as the new Heritage Center In Mid-January 2021.

Why isn’t there a covered walkway between Wittson and University Tower?

A walkway is not scheduled to be installed until this fall due to equipment traffic from adjacent projects.  We have a project addressing improper drainage and water leaks into University Tower Unit 3.  Additionally, we are currently replacing the University Tower Unit 4 roof.  This traffic path is the only way to get equipment to these jobs.


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