Central Campus Construction

Construction for Wittson Hall/Wigton Heritage Center: 4-Week Look Ahead

Week of May 20:

  • Contractors will mobilize to the site.
  • Temporary construction fencing will start around the perimeter green space.
  • Construction jobsite office and dumpsters will be placed on the site.

Week of May 27:

  • Construction crane will be on site.
  • Signage will be installed to direct users on the temporary route between Wittson and University Tower (and vice versa).

Week of June 3:

  • Scaffolding will be installed on the level 5 outside deck area of Wittson extending up to level 8.
  • Closure of the link from Wittson to University Tower will start.
  • Wittson Dock access will stop June 2 around midnight.
  • Demolition operations of the Wittson – UT connector will start June 3 @6am.
  • Level 2 small restrooms will begin to be renovated.

Week of June 10:

  • Demo continues on the Wittson-UT connector.
  • Work continues on the level 3/Level 4 conference room/hallway widening and Level 4 offices on west side of auditorium.

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