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UNMC on the Road

We like to say the UNMC campus is 500 miles wide. Sure, there are locations in Scottsbluff, Kearney, Lincoln and Norfolk, but it’d be a tad bit impractical to build an affiliate in every city. Instead, we take UNMC on the road each year with the Chancellor’s out-state trip, the UNMC Speakers Bureau and most […]

Sep 5, 2012

Speed dating, UNMC style

They wear winning smiles, dress shirts, ties, skirts and pumps. They sit across from one another in a brightly lit room and cram a lifetime of experiences into nine minutes. Medical school. Residency. Family. Daily roles and responsibilities. Suddenly, a brass handbell rings to signal the “date” is over. They linger to learn all they […]

Sep 4, 2012

Luckey and Good: My Day with a Primary Care Doc

Earlier this year, U.S.News and World Report ranked UNMC No. 6 in primary care education. In an effort to explain the importance of “primary care” on the health care continuum, we felt it was important to “show” not “tell” what those two words mean. What is life like for a primary care provider? What are […]

Aug 28, 2012

Dr. Crouse and the Mustang

When David Crouse, Ph.D., was in his last year of college, in 1965, he took the nest egg he’d been saving and bought a Ford Mustang, brand new. It was perfect, custom ordered. He still remembers it coming off the truck. “It was burgundy, with a black vinyl top,” he said. He clicked a roll […]

Aug 26, 2012