When all else fails. . .

After exhausting all options for entering in One Chart, if you must use a paper record (ie: MRI), please do the following when the case is finished: 1 .Make a photocopy of the Anesthesia record and put it in the envelope with your narcs for Pharmacy. 2. Let the RT’s know (or give to them) the pink copy of the Anesthesia record and the green… Continue Reading

Customizing your Order Sets

  Open a patient chart and click the orders button along the top Scroll down and open the Order Set you want to edit by checking the box and then clicking the “Open order set” button (in red) – There may be some suggested order sets as shown below. If not, you can search for each of them in the search bar and then after… Continue Reading

Documenting Incision Time

Officially, the OR nurses will document incision time but many providers would like to indicate skin incision on their anesthesia record as well. This event does not appear under our general events menu but is easy to find. Until it is added to the general events tab, you can find it as follows: 1. Click Events. 2. Click L&D. 3. Click Skin Incision. Special thanks… Continue Reading