Customizing your Order Sets


  1. Open a patient chart and click the orders button along the top
  2. Scroll down and open the Order Set you want to edit by checking the box and then clicking the “Open order set” button (in red) – There may be some suggested order sets as shown below. If not, you can search for each of them in the search bar and then after you select each of them, right click and select “add to favorites”
  3. After you open the Order set, there will be a black hyperlink that says “manage user order sets” click on this hyperlink
  4. Click the “save defaults” hyperlink
  5. Make your preferences!  You can change frequency of vitals, medication dosages, anything!

For more complete instructions with screen shots please check out the Epic Wikki file on the J-drive.  Thanks to everyone for contributing to the Wikki. 

Thanks to Kaitlyn Pellegrino for this tip.

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