Epic Fail? Not on our watch. . .

We all knew it was coming. It is remarkable how two small words – Go Live – can inspire such anxiety. Before you start rethinking the use of aerosolized midazolam in pre-op, remember there are many resources available to help work through the glitches.

All superusers may be identified by their red hats. These red hats provide guidance to all of perioperative services. They can also issue “tickets” to IT.

Our department has two dedicated super-users: Kaitlyn Pellegrino and Ben Jones. You can contact them via pager (numbers are on the HL board) but they are usually close at hand in pre-op, ORs or the lounge. We also have a number of embedded superusers. These CRNAs and Physicians are available to point you in the right direction.  Check out the complete list in the Epic Anesthesiology Wikki.

There are several other resources for information. Pick up one of the Anesthesia Provider Start Guides. These booklets are available in the Hixon-Lied lounge and are a great place to start. You can also check out the Epic Anesthesiology Wikki – located on the J-drive. TNMC also has a hospital-wide tips blog here. It is more general but does have some useful information.

Finally, stay tuned to this blog as we will be posting daily tips, tricks and vital info for surviving Epic.

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