Welcome New Residents!

I’m not sure if you noticed but it is July.


Every year it approaches in stealth.  One moment you are complaining about the cold and the snow and will-it -ever-be-warm-again?   The next, it is 102 degrees outside and you ask yourself. . . . .

Who are all of these new people? 

It’s time to welcome the newest members of our UNMC Anesthesiology family.   We have 12 CA-1s starting this July.  Some you have seen around as students and some are new to UNMC.  Here are the names to look for:

Bradley Fremming, MD, Ph.D

Virginia Hardie, MD

Cale Kassel, MD

Seth Keiser, MD

Eric Monk, MD

Jeffrey Ottmar, MD

Tyler Ptacek, MD

Brendan Thelen, MD

Konstantin Turchaninov, MD, Ph.D

Charles Walcutt, MD

James Wheeless, MD

Brittany Willer, MD

In addition to our categorical residents, we now have 4 PGY-1 residents starting this year.  You may see them in the operating room, on surgical rotations and around the hospital.  They include:

Austin Adams, MD

Devin Kearns, DO

Shaun Thompson, MD

Maulin Vora, MBBS

 So while many of us may be distracted by the ever-looming approach of Epic and the usual disarray that July brings, remember there are those among us still trying to figure out the basics.  Be sure to point them in the right direction, lend a hand, an encouraging word.  Let’s give them a warm welcome to UNMC.

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