Education That Makes A Difference!

Dr. David Theil, practicing Anesthesiologist at Rose Medical Center and former student of the Basic Echocardiography course at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, recently utilized the skills he obtained during the two three-day program sessions last Spring. Dr. Theil tested his echocardiography knowledge while working overseas in Tanzania, Africa. “I try to use everything you and your team taught me.  I did multiple TTEs last… Continue Reading

2017 Echo Courses in Review

In 2017, the Department of Anesthesiology Echocardiography Program organized and ran multiple echo courses at the UNMC Omaha campus, including two Basic Echo courses, a Focused Ultrasound course, and a 3D TEE course. In addition, the program Course Directors conducted a four-day Echocardiography conference in Naples, Florida. Each course varies in information and includes clinically based material as well as hands-on scanning, simulation, small group… Continue Reading

Welcome, Danielle Beebe!

Name: Danielle Beebe Hometown: York, Neb. Start date: January 29, 2018   Tell us a bit about what you do here at UNMC. I’m the Department of Anesthesiology’s Communications Specialist, meaning it’s my job to be up in everyone’s business. I get to learn about all the impactful and exciting things happening within our department and share them via the (upcoming) newsletter, website, social media… Continue Reading