College of Allied Health Professions

Anne Constantino moving to Foundation

Anne Constantino, Director of Student Affairs in the School of Allied Health Professions, is leaving the SAHP to work for the NU Foundation as of September 30, 2011. She joined the School in December 2008 and developed the Office of Student Affairs. Under her direction, the SAHP centralized the admission processes for all of our programs, increasing efficiency as the number of applications has risen…. Continue Reading

Dr. Turman to present at next UNMC Science Cafe

Jack Turman, Jr., PhD, PT, Director of Physical Therapy Education in the School of Allied Health Professions will be presenting at the UNMC Science Cafe next Tuesday, August 3rd. Dr. Turman’s research involves the study of environmental determinants of feeding behavior, in preterm infants and the effects of nutritional interventions on brain and behavior development. His presentation, “Arriving Early: The Problem of Preterm Birth in… Continue Reading

Prusia, Three-Time Honoree

Sue Prusia, Fiscal and Budget Associate in the SAHP, was a guest yesterday at the Chancellor’s Silver “U” luncheon. Sue, who has been employed at the SAHP for ten years, was honored as a three-time recipient of the Chancellor’s Silver “U” award. The Silver “U” award is given to acknowledge employees “who provide consistent performance that exceeds expectations or for other special achievements.”  Since the… Continue Reading