M2 makes “buddies” through Peds interest group

Daniel Regier, a second-year medical student, is pictured with his sister Tiffany Friehe, far left, and his grandmother Ruby Long.

By Daniel Regier, second-year medical student

The Hospital Buddies program through the Pediatric Interest Group is a great program for any student who thinks they might be interested in pursuing a career in pediatrics, or simply wants to give back to children who are experiencing illness in their lives.

My experience with the program has been nothing short of incredible. I initially signed up simply to try something new within the Pediatric Interest Group and ended up returning for three more sessions.

On my first trip to the hospital pediatric unit, I was paired with a little guy who I could tell wasn’t feeling the best at first. He was very leery of me, even after I introduced myself to him and asked if he would like to do some crafts we had planned for the session.

All that caution was out the door the minute I complimented his “Minecraft” shirt and commented that I was a fan of the game, too.  We were best buds from that moment on and by the end of the session, he had gradually moved from the opposite side of the table to sitting on my lap and leaning against me.

I’ve always had an interest in pediatrics, as well as surgery. The experiences I have had through the Hospital Buddies program have provided valuable insight.

As a doctor, you can know everything there is about a certain illness and the specific management of the condition, but if you don’t know which Power Ranger is the coolest then to them you don’t know anything.

It’s the Blue Ranger if you’re curious.

And it taught me that just knowing little things like that really gives you the opportunity to fully care for and connect with your patients.

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