Halloween at UNMC in Pictures

Happy Halloween!

Judy Huey – Transplant Data Office

Vik Whalen – Transplant Data Office

Susan Waller, Nikki Ball, Tara Witte, Jolene Gulizia and Eric White – Print Shop

Lindsay Hicks – IRB office

Fran Higgins – School of Allied Health

School of Allied Health – PT1s, PT2s, RSTE and PA students

more PA students

and more PA students

Deb King, Liz Sorenson, Barb Harrison, Colton Stanislav, Stephanie Hansen, Deb Casper and Maggie Milner – Psychiatry

Melissa Mona – CCTX, Nebraska Medical Center

Polly Partsch and Jill McDermott – Gift Shop

Environmental and Food Services

Sue Steiner, Becky Gilbert and Emily Ziskovsky – Patient Information Office, MMI

Kim Wiechman – Human Genetics Lab

Mary Nelson – Human Genetics Lab

Bunnita Washington – Human Genetics Lab

Lisa Winkler – Human Genetics Lab

Mychal Machado – Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Ana Lara-Ramirez, Lori Cooley and Alan Wass – College of Nursing

Mary Megel – College of Nursing

Paul Dizona – College of Nursing

Colleen Tworek and Laura DeWitt – College of Nursing

LaShon George – Cashiering

Janet Rush, Craig Poole and Cyndie Poffenbarger – Sponsored Programs and Accounting

Hannah Stanzel – Parking

Monica Myers and Cody Phillips – Student Services

Barbara Breazeale – Student Services

Meghan Moore – Student Services

Ed Fritz – Student Services

School of Allied Health

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