Updated website design to go live March 24

unmc.edu will look different on March 24.

The home page, as well as the other top level pages, will be updated with the new design featured in a December blog post.

The update also includes responsive web design, meaning unmc.edu will adjust automatically for optimum viewing across devices, from desktop to smartphone.

The refreshed look and switch to responsive is a result of months of discussion with the web advisory group, public relations and ITS.

The implementation of the updated design will accompany the move to a new content management system, Cascade Server by Hannon Hill.  Following the top-level pages, subsite migration and training for web developers will be held in the coming weeks.

If you come across any broken links or having trouble viewing the site, please contact the webmaster.

Goodbye, orange and green: Updated website design coming soon

Work on an updated design for UNMC’s website is well under way.

Along with fresh colors, the design will be mobile and tablet friendly. A cleaner and simpler design was needed to showcase content on all devices and desktop computers.

The changes for the site are based on the recommendations from the Web Advisory Group, whose members represent units across campus. Alongside ITS and the PR web team, the Web Advisory Group reviewed analytics and usability studies to determine what areas needed attention.

“Our team and the Web Advisory Group have worked hard on this plan for nearly two years, and we’re excited to share that work with campus,” said Stacie Hamel, associate PR director for web and interactive media.

The implementation of the updated design will accompany the move to a new content management system, Cascade Server by Hannon Hill, expected to begin in early 2014 beginning with top-level pages of unmc.edu.

Subsite migration and training for web developers will be announced soon.

Please send suggestions and comments here.

UNMC Homepage

UNMC Homepage

College Home Page

College Homepage

UNMC Today article

UNMC Today article


UNMC Interactive Map Makes Navigating Campus Easier


Sophia Ibrahimi, Department of Public Relations

UNMC now has an interactive map that gives you all the information you need to navigate campus. Interested in finding a specific building? Not sure where the nearest faculty parking lot is? Handy drop down menus on the left side let you select the specific building or lot you need.

There are also switches that allow you to display just what you are looking for, like student parking lots or just buildings. When a location is selected, a pop-up displays with information about the selected location as well as a “Directions” link.

Finally, the share feature provides you with a URL to link to the exact place on campus you need. Zoom in to a specific spot or select a location on the map and the URL will change accordingly.

So go check out the interactive map today, which you can find under the Directions link on the homepage.